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Move over Michael Bolton- Santa is getting Honda attention this year!

Instead of Michael Bolton videos this year Honda had a little fun with old children's toys to get everyone in with the Christmas spirit. However, they also decided to go the poignant route too with this amazing little clip they created featuring Santa, his sleigh, and technology to keep him safe has he travels around the world in one busy evening.

Over the years Honda vehicles have been known for their reliability, but in recent times they stand out as a automaker that as fantastic safety and convenience features that are standard, because they don't think safety should…

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G.I. Joe® and Jem® Stir Up a Little Honda Days Competition

Who knew the on-and-off-again love affair between G.I. Joe® and Jem® would blossom again in time for the holidays? Better yet, who knew their love could really make a difference this year? Check it out.

During the Honda Days, the Honda brand has put out a series of videos with our favorite childhood toys singing (albeit, not that well) to some of our favorite holiday songs. Why? Honda will donate $50,000 to the?

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Enjoy the Holidays like a Kid with Happy Honda Days

Of the many holiday moments that are relived each year, one of the best is seeing the way a child's face lights up as they open up a gift that contains their most desired item. Many of us have had the privilege to live such a moment, though now that we are older it is not a feeling we get to experience too often. But Honda has a cure for that, as can be…

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No Spare? Don't Despair, Utilize Honda's Tire Repair Kit

Have you ever been caught off guard by a flat tire? We probably all have at one point or another, because it's hard to be completely prepared for one when it does occur. You may have a spare tire, but not know how to put it on. Or you may not have a spare tire in your car at all. Luckily when you're behind the wheel of a new Honda model, you can…

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2015 Honda CR-V Boasts Award-Winning Qualities

There's no doubt in our minds that the Honda CR-V is a vehicle worthy of awards and honors. That's like saying the St. Louis Cardinals are a great team. It pretty much goes without saying. After all, you don't sell 300,000-plus models in one year without boasting some truly exceptional qualities. With that in mind, we're honored to announce that the 2015 CR-V has been declared Motor Trend's "SUV?

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Honda Civic Type R Gets Spartan in Paris

If there's one piece of automotive alliteration (see what we did there) that we can really get behind, it?s the hot hatch. And if there's one model that not only defines that segment for Honda, and mix in a little bit of its racing blood to boot, it?s the Civic Type R. Recently, the latest in a long line of next-generation concepts bowed in Paris.

The goal of the Civic Type…

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Meet the Incredible Honda Fit

It's a car that's more than suitable to take your in-laws out for a drive in and you'll also be able to perform all sorts of hauling tasks in the new 2015 Honda Fit. Take a quick look at this goofy video and then come on over to our St. Louis, MO dealership to take a test drive in the new Fit to find out exactly what it can do for you…

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A Million Miles, Baby, in the Accord

The Honda commitment to quality over time is legendary. The performance of so many cars after over a decade on the road is almost common - in fact, so many drivers have traveled remarkable distances with their Honda vehicles that there is a Honda Mile Makers Club for cars with mileage over 100,000.

It may seem unbelievable that some cars make it over a million miles, but the two within the top tier, diamond bracket…

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The Sporty Honda CR-Z gets taken up a Notch

Honda is known for developing a lineup of vehicles that appeal to a wide range of shoppers at different stages in their life. From teen-friendly rides to commuters and family-mobiles, no matter your age or lifestyle you'll be able to find a car that fits your needs.

Honda also has a "racy" side, and if you want a vehicle that pays homage to their racer-streak, you'll want to learn about the Honda CR-Z HPD.

This car is part power, part futuristic, part sporty, and we love that. Honda Performance Development (HPD) got their hands on this model and…

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Crosstour Has the Space You Want

The family is changing. As the kids grow older and have more stuff, your car needs to be bigger. It would also make the Monday morning carpool a bit more tolerable if it meant an extra few inches between you and coworker Laura, who chats away if you make eye contact. Take the guess work out of the driving equation and instead add the 2014 Honda Crosstour.

It's like your old sedan, but roomier…

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