Honda's LaneWatch a 2012 Technology of the Year Finalist

In order to minimize the danger of the dreaded right-side blind spot for drivers, Honda has developed a safety feature dubbed LaneWatch. The new feature aims to help drivers better navigate through multi-lane highways and high-speed traffic by increasing driver's visibility.

Honda's newest safety feature, unlike the vast majority of other lane-departure warning systems out there, doesn't alert you when you've strayed into the wrong lane instead it provides exceptional visual access to drivers of the blind spot. Through the employment a small camera positioned below the passenger rear-view mirror, LaneWatch sends a real-time video of the lane to the vehicle's clear display screen for the driver.

We here at Mungenast St. Louis Honda were thoroughly impressed when we heard of this new technology but if you won't take our word for how remarkable this technology is, take AOL Autos word. Honda's LaneWatch has received a tremendous recognition as an AOL Autos 2012 Technology of the Year finalist. While the winner of the award has yet to be determined, we believe the nomination itself is an honor for Honda's LaneWatch.

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