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Maintenance Mondays: Know When To Replace Your Fuel Cap

The gas prices in St. Louis don't seem to be relaxing much this April. Lucky for you, fuel efficiency is directly related to auto care, and you can fight back against rising oil prices by properly maintaining your vehicles. To aid you in your quest to get the most out of your Honda‚Äôs fuel efficiency, Mungenast St. Louis Honda thus introduces the Maintenance Monday blog series: once a week, we'll bring you a quick tip that will increase the gas mileage of your vehicle, keeping more money in your pockets and less in the pumps.

This week…
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Maintenance Mondays: How To Check Your Tire Pressure

The gas prices in St. Louis don't seem to be relaxing much this April, prompting us at Mungenast St. Louis Honda to brainstorm other ways that we can save money while keeping our gas tanks full.  The result is our new Maintenance Monday blog series: once a week, we'll be bringing you one quick tip that will increase the gas mileage of your vehicle and keep more money in your pockets and less in the pumps. 
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Honda Gets on Board with H2USA Campaign

H2USA-the US hydrogen infrastructure project-was recently launched and has grown from its original 13 members to 19 including our favorite automaker, Honda.  In case you are unaware of what H2USA is all about, read on to learn more about the exciting project as we, here at Mungenast St. Louis Honda, continue to keep you informed on the latest Honda news, events, and important information!

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Two New Honda Models Named 'Best Cars for Families' by U.S. News & World Report

Big news, Honda fans! The 2013 Honda Odyssey and 2013 Honda CR-V were recently named some of the "Best Cars for Families" by U.S. News & World Report, with the CR-V named the "Best Compact SUV for Families" and the Odyssey named "Best Minivan for Families."

So, what exactly makes these models so impressive? Well, Mungenast St. Louis Honda, a Honda dealership serving the St. Louis area, is here to provide you with some details…

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New Battery Recycling Process for Honda’s Hybrid & Electric Cars

While hybrid and electric vehicles have become renowned for their energy efficiency over the past few years, few consumers remember that the process of disposing your hybrid or electric battery used in the vehicle isn't always as environmentally friendly. Our favorite Japanese automaker, Honda, however believes that the entire lifespan of a hybrid and it's batter are quite eco-friendly, thanks in large part to Honda's latest battery recycling process.

Honda's newest…

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2013 Honda Accord Hybrid to get 68MPG in Japan

You don't need to work with us here at Mungenast St. Louis Honda to know how much folks care about fuel economy these days. Even if you ride a tricycle to work, even if you're one of the last horse-and-buggy holdouts on the highway, as long as you've been riding/galloping past gas stations on your way to the town dairy, it's hard to ignore how prices have risen. The less…

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Honda Hybrid Sales Hit One Million Units

When you visit Mungenast St. Louis Honda in St Louis, you'll find a wide range of new Honda and used cars in St Louis designed to fit the needs of just about any driver. And while this includes larger, utility-driven models like the 2013 Honda Ridgeline and 2013 Honda Pilot, the Big H's true calling in the automotive world has always been fuel efficiency.

The Japanese, multinational has displayed their fuel efficient focus…

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2013 Fit EV Gets New EPA Electric Vehicle Rating

Exciting drivers and potential drivers of the new 2013 Honda Fit EV, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has finally given the new model a fuel economy rating. However, because the new Fit runs on electricity, they will be given a special rating from the EPA tailored to electric vehicles.

The new rating system used by the employs a system which assigns a miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) rating and a total electric driving…

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