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Hip New Honda Minivan Unveiled

Turning heads at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show last month was Honda's new Concept M compact minivan.  It's like no other minivan you've seen and we mean that in a good way! The Concept M was specifically created for the Chinese market and has a new ornate front end that differentiates it from other minivans within the market.

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The 2013 Accord Coupe – Our First Glimpse Into Honda’s Future

It's no secret that every time Honda shows us something new on the auto show stage, they don't leave much to the imagination, and the same can be said for the 2013 Accord Concept.  This "concept" vehicle showcases not only the new Accord styling, but it also shows us what's ahead in terms of safety and performance for all Honda vehicles in the next couple years.  To say the least, there's…
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Honda C-Z Mugen Revealed

The new Honda CR-Z Mungen concept project has been underway for some time, getting prepped for its big reveal at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.

This supercharged version of CR-Z is a collaboration of Honda UK and in-house tuning shop Mugen Euro. The team combines a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine with a supercharger and Honda's IMA system. Exact power output of the supercharged hybrid engine is still unknown, but rumors have…

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The New Honda EV Concept: A Special Preview

Honda has very high standards for green motoring. Maybe you've heard some ad or read a press release hinting at the company's less-than-impressed view of electric vehicles (EVs). If you have, the phrase "near-future technology" used in association with plug-in vehicles should be at least vaguely familiar. Essentially, Honda believes the ultimate goal of green motoring is a selection of mass produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, such as its very own FCX Clarity…

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Honda P-NUT Concept Car

Wondering why you haven't seen or even heard of the Honda P-NUT before? That's because it's a concept car developed by The Advanced Design Studio of Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in L.A. And, it's a very clever one at that! If you're initial thought is "small as a peanut", you're on the right track. P-NUT is an acronym that connotes small. But ultimately, it translates into Personal-Neo…

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