2016 Honda Civic Wows Autoblog Reviewers

October 19th, 2015 by

The 2016 model year has seen quite a few new and updated Honda models, among them the Accord and Pilot. Now, we’re pleased to bring you the latest newcomer, the 2016 Civic. Steeped in style and underpinned by an all-new family of engines, it’s sure to blow you right out of the water.

If you’re thinking of acquiring the Civic for your next car, we’ve got some good news. It arrives in dealerships like ours next month. To whet your appetite, we’re sharing a first drive report from Autoblog, who had a pretty glowing review of the new car. Everything from the quiet and compliant ride, and the new 2.0L and 1.5L turbocharged engine got high marks, along with the stylish new look.

You can read the review over at Autoblog, or stop by our St. Louis, MO dealership in November when this car drops and sign up for a test drive. If there’s another new Honda that has captured your fancy, let us know and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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