Honda “Hatches” Plans for U.S. Spec Civic Type R

June 22nd, 2015 by

The day the Civic Concept bowed at the New York Auto Show, we also got another fantastic piece of news. The hatchback beast feast known as the Honda Civic Type R is coming to America, ending months of speculation and launching a new era of diminutive hotness on our shores. Get ready.

To get your appetites whet for this “escontilla de fuego” (that’s Spanish for “hatch of fire”–just roll with it), we’ve provided a video showcasing the Euro-spec model doing what it does best. That is to say, revamping the automotive landscape with 306 horsepower, eye-catching style, and groundbreaking performance swag.

If you’re ready to kick proverbial gluteus maximus in this brand new Honda, keep an eye on our blog over the coming months. In the meantime, your immediate need for a new car can be met by swinging by our St. Louis, MO dealership for a test drive.

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