Honda marks the indomitable Accord’s 40th year of sales!

June 30th, 2016 by

There’s no doubt that among the conservative styling of today’s field of midsize sedans, the Honda Accord stands out. With its clean line work, handsome front fascia, and that signature sporty feel that seems to infuse its exterior and interior designs, you’d hardly believe that this giant of the midsize sedan market is, at least by human standards, middle age. That’s right folks, today the Honda Accord turns 40. Yet despite its now four decades in the auto market, the Accord shows no signs of slowing down.

If you think about it, the automotive industry was vastly different 40 years ago than it is today, and Honda was a vastly different company. Chiefly known, in America at least, for their motorcycles, Honda’s biggest automotive offering in America at the time was the Civic. Hoping to break into new markets and pivot toward being a full-line automaker in the American market, Honda released a subcompact hatchback in 1976. Its name: the Accord. Yes, that’s right, the sedan we know and love today got its start as a hot little hatch with a wheelbase even shorter than that of the modern day Honda Fit. Yet Honda knows now as it did then that big things come in small packages, and after a few years of iteration and moving a sedan configuration, the Honda Accord came into prominence in the American market, as consumers loved it for its competitive price point, sporty style, and fun driving dynamics.

Over the years, Honda has continued to improve upon its Accord sedan, adding new safety features, convenient technology, and fine tuning its performance to continually deliver on the true spirit of its designs. And with 12.7 million units sold within the last 40 years, we’d say they haven’t done too bad a job. Honda is looking back through the years at all the Accord models it’s produced on its social media channels, so we highly recommend you check out Honda’s Twitter and Youtube channels for more coverage. However, if you’re looking to get behind the wheel of one of these dynamic midsize sedans, visit us at Mungenast St. Louis Honda to test drive the Honda Accord today!

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