How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Trade-In

April 30th, 2021 by

Ready for a new vehicle but think you could be skipping a few steps? Maybe the price dropped on that shiny new vehicle you’ve been eyeing since it was released? Or maybe you got an email that the car you’ve been waiting for is finally back in stock? Many people think that the first step is to immediately go check it out. And yes, for the most part we agree! There’s nothing quite like the first test drive in your dream car. However, there’s one BIG step many people forget about: what to do with your current vehicle. Luckily for you, Mungenast St. Louis Honda has a quick & easy process for trading in your vehicle!

Figure out the value of your vehicle: The first step to preparing your vehicle for trade-in is to figure out the value of it. There are many different ways to do this, but you can start out with the online “Value Your Trade” tool right on the Mungenast St. Louis Honda website! All you need is your vehicle year, make, model, mileage, condition, VIN, and you can even upload exterior/interior photos or write in any helpful comments. Leave your name and contact information, and the Mungenast St. Louis Honda team will contact you back in no time. You can also use other trusted resources including Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader, CarMax, Edmunds, etc. to double check your vehicle’s worth.

Clean It Out: While it’s important to clean your vehicle to better improve its appearance, it’s also important to clean out any personal belongings, especially ones that mean something to you! Who knows, maybe you’ll find an old mixed tape from an old friend, or maybe your mom’s gold earring you lost that started a family feud. After gutting the car of all personal belongings, give the interior & exterior a deep clean and a fresh coat of wax to make it shine like the day you bought it. If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, consider getting it detailed. While cleaning the vehicle isn’t necessary, it will help make a good impression when it comes down to receiving an offer.

Gather all important documents: If there’s one thing I wish I knew when trading in my old car for a new Honda HR-V, it’s that there would be paperwork, & LOTS of it. However, the paperwork wasn’t the hard part, the gathering & preparing of it was. The whole process would have been so much simpler if I had prepared any necessary paperwork ahead of time. This should include the car’s title, service records, registration & any other necessary documentation that would prove the vehicle was well-maintained. Having the knowledge of what your vehicle is worth compared to what you can afford, along with any necessary documents readily available ahead of time makes the trade-in process quicker & easier, giving you more time on the road in your new vehicle!

Now is the perfect time to sell your used vehicle as they are in high demand. The pandemic has taken a toll on every industry, with the automotive industry being no exception. Since cars are in such high demand, the price to sell has increased as well. Even if you haven’t found your dream car yet, it’s always a good idea to know the value of your current vehicle, stay up to date with maintenance & care on your current vehicle, & keep documentation of any maintenance or work done. That way, if your dream car pops up on the Mungenast St. Louis Honda website tomorrow, you’ll be ready to make the trade & drive away happier than ever!