Spring Cleaning Your Honda

March 3rd, 2021 by

We’re still in the final stages of winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing for spring! Spring cleaning doesn’t have to just include your closet & garage, it should also include your beloved vehicle! After all, along with more sunshine & warmth comes less snow & SALT to dirty your vehicle inside & out. As the snow melts & the roads are no longer covered in salt, you can begin to make your vehicle shine again. Of course, you can’t start spring cleaning without taking care of any necessary car maintenance you’ve been putting off during the winter months. It could be time to get your tires checked or replaced as colder temperatures can make them lose pressure easier, causing premature wear & tear. Or maybe it’s time for an oil change? Possibly a wiper blade replacement? Whatever it is, the Mungenast St. Louis Honda Service Center is ready to help your vehicle get back into tip-top shape & shine like the day you bought it! If you’re facing more serious repairs or maintenance, it could be time to spring clean your entire vehicle & look into purchasing a new one. Since we’re offering 0% APR Financing for up to 60 Months, (yes, you read that right!) NOW is the perfect time to shop our select New 2020 & 2021 Honda Models. To help your current or new Honda vehicle reach its full potential, we’ve put together some of our best tips for deep cleaning your vehicle, inside & out!

  • Organize

If you’re like most of us during the winter, you’ve used this time to stock up on all the necessities for driving in the cold. This could include: several pairs of gloves/mittens, a hat & scarf or two, a snow shovel, a snow brush/ice scraper, possibly a few blankets, & an assortment of other winter items you may not need very soon. Once all the snow melts, & the weather forecast is officially in the clear, it may be time to take those items out of your car & pack them away (for at least the time being). You could even use the warmer weather as a switch to start staying organized. Investing in a car trash can or even a console organizer could help you keep this pattern going.

  • Clean Your Carpets & Seats

Your first step will be to remove any floor mats covering your vehicle’s carpets. Even if your floor mats did a great job of covering most of the carpet, there’s still lots of cleaning to do underneath. As you know, snow & ice melts, and salt/sand gets in EVERY SINGLE crack & crevice. Try using an automotive carpet & upholstery cleaner with a carpet brush to scrub deep into the carpets & seats, repeating this process at least twice. If your vehicle has leather seats, you can use a mixture of distilled water & facial soap with a cloth or use a leather cleaner specifically for car seats. To be sure that you didn’t miss anything, you can use a wet cloth to go over your carpets/seats after either process. Also wait until a few warm, sunny days so that your vehicle can air out for multiple days if needed.

  • Pressure Wash Those Floor Mats

Even after kicking your shoes off before entering, (you know the drill) it’s inevitable that you’ll get a mixture of snow, ice, mud, & salt mixed into the floors of your vehicle. If you happen to own one, or can get access to one, it’s highly recommended to take the mats out of your vehicle & use a pressure washer to really deep-clean every crevice. It’s best to choose a warm, sunny day so the mats can completely dry out, without freezing. You could also make the switch from carpeted floor mats to all-season/rubber mats to make cleaning even easier. Contact our parts department to learn more!

  • Wash & Wax the Exterior

Although you may not have used your vehicle quite as much this year, your vehicle has still experienced ALL the tolls of winter. Along with cold temperatures affecting your tires & other parts, the snow, ice & salt has noticeably built up & clung to your once gorgeous, shiny paint. Luckily for you, we offer a complimentary car wash for as long as you own your vehicle & display the Mungenast St. Louis Honda license plate frame! However, even if you didn’t purchase your vehicle through us, you can still get an affordable car wash & wax right here, to get your vehicle shining again.

We know what goes into each Honda vehicle, so that’s why we want to keep them in the best shape possible! Whether that’s keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule, deep cleaning your current vehicle, or buying a new vehicle, the Mungenast St. Louis Honda Team is here to help you along every step of the way. Contact us today if you have any questions about spring cleaning, maintenance, or purchasing a new vehicle altogether!